“Nick and the Candlestick” by Sylvia Plath


From the Favorite Poem Project video archive, here is Seph Rodney reading “Nick and the Candlestick” by Sylvia Plath. Rodney is a photographer in Santa Monica, CA.


“It was a date situation. I had wanted to go out with this girl and I just ended up feeling very bad at the end of it. It just didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. I ended up feeling kind of lonely and …‘bereft,’ I suppose. I came home and I opened this book and I read some of the poems. Up until that point I think my sense of poetry is that it was a sort of grandiose, highfalutin, not very real way of using language. And I looked at this stuff and I could not believe it. It was light-years beyond anything else I had ever read. It was powerful, it was rough, it was bitter, it was caustic. It was, at the same time, really urgent about a need for love.”

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