The Love of a Tubercular Young Man

By The Editors on 9.23.09

Jane Campion’s new film about British poet John Keats respects the art of the man without overly sentimentalizing his life. With an inventive treatment of a simple story, employing gorgeous cinematography and skillful acting, Bright Star is unequivocally a successful period film. Campion gives us more Fanny Brawne than John Keats, but the young lovers, played by Abbie Cornish and Ben Wishaw, are well-matched, presenting the interiority and depth of feeling the real individuals undoubtedly possessed.

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Adrienne Rich Returns to the 92nd Street Y in NYC

By The Editors on 9.17.09

Fact: Adrienne Rich first appeared at the famed Unterberg Poetry Center of the 92nd Street Y in New York City in 1958. Now 80, she is returning to open the Center’s 71st-anniversary season on Monday, September 21. If you’re in the New York area, don’t miss this opportunity to see one of our country’s greatest living poets in person.

Click here for event details and to purchase tickets.

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Major Jackson Tells All

The Must-Read Interview

By The Editors on 9.17.09

Identity Theory has just posted a long and juicy interview with Major Jackson that I highly recommend you read immediately. It covers everything from Jackson’s start as a young financial writer to glamorous literary awards ceremonies and all the sweat and tears that joined the two. Well, maybe less “sweat and tears” and more like artists’ colonies and writing fellowships. Jackson even justified the work we do here at Poems Out Loud. When asked a question about technology, he responded that he was “grateful for the fact that we can record poets reading their works and it becomes a part of our permanent records, our holdings, you can archive a voice forever.”

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John Keats is Coming to a Theater Near You

By The Editors on 9.14.09

The new John Keats biopic, Bright Star, will be released this Friday. The movie stars Ben Whishaw as the young poet who falls for the girl next door, Fanny Brawne.

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The Anxiety of Influence,  Part II

A Daughter’s Improvisations

By The Editors on 9.09.09

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Rachel Pastan. For Part I of “The Anxiety of Influence” by Linda Pastan click here.

As the daughter of a poet, I started writing little verses almost as soon as I learned my letters, loving rhyme, rhythm, and the magic way language brings physical and emotional worlds to life. By the time I got to high school, though, I’d switched to fiction. My poems seemed to be pale shadows of my mother’s poems—her voice was the voice of poetry for me—so I thought I’d try something different.

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Martin Espada Announces Fall 2009 Tour

By The Editors on 9.08.09

Martín Espada, the Pablo Neruda of North America, is going on tour. Check out all of his Fall 2009 dates after the jump.

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Zac Efron Dives for Dreams

By The Editors on 9.03.09

Universal Pictures has purchased the right to use one of the many poems by e. e. cummings that I consider nothing-if-not-fodder-for-motivational-speakers entitled “Dive for Dreams.” The poem will be featured in the upcoming film The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Gladly, neither Jennifer Aniston nor Aaron Eckhart will get anywhere near it, as St. Cloud stars Zac Efron and Kim Basinger. “Diving for Dreams” is collected in 95 Poems, originally published in 1950, it was the last book of Cummings’s new poems to be published during his lifetime.

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Video: Charlie Smith at Bryant Park

By The Editors on 9.02.09

In January 2009, New York-based poet Charlie Smith published his seventh poetry collection, Word Comix. But in July, at Bryant Park, Smith read from what he jokingly referred to as a “lighter book” published in 2000 called Heroin. Lorrie Moore, author of the much anticipated new novel A Gate at the Stairs, described Heroin as “appallingly brilliant.”

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Announcing the New Poems Out Loud

By The Editors on 8.20.09

Welcome to the new and improved Poems Out Loud (If you’re reading this via RSS, head over here to check out the new site). Poems Out Loud originally launched in April 2009 as a temporary site to celebrate National Poetry Month. Due to the popularity of the site (and the fun we had making it), we decided to keep it alive. To do that though required time and energy to update Poems Out Loud in order to accommodate our larger vision. It took longer than expected (all summer in fact), but now we can finally share what we’ve been working on.

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Bryant Park’s Norton Night of Poetry

By The Editors on 7.27.09

New York City’s Bryant Park is a favorite spot of Poems Out Loud. We are fortunate to have a great view of the park from the windows of our office located right across the street. So we are very happy to be able to announce that they’ll be hosting the Norton Night of Poetry this week. The event will feature three Norton Poets: Julie Sheehan, Charlie Smith, and April Bernard.

Norton Night of Poetry, Tuesday, July 28th at 7:30pm, Bryant Park Reading Room

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