Part II: An Interview with Jill Bialosky

By The Editors on 4.24.09

Jill Bialosky is the author of three volumes of poetry (Intruder, Subterranean, and The End of Desire) and two novels (The Life Room and House Under Snow). The following interview focuses on Intruder, Bialosky’s most recent work, published by Knopf in October 2008.

Poems Out Loud: When I read “Music is Time” in Intruder, I thought of Robert Frost and his poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” Like all your poems, “Music is Time” is very accessible, and so someone without much experience reading poetry could easily appreciate the sound and rhythm of the lines, but a careful reader is able to marvel at the deceptive simplicity of this work. With that said, I have to ask you—because I feel his presence in your poems—whether you see Robert Frost as an influence on your aesthetic.

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An Interview with the editors of American Hybrid

By The Editors on 4.21.09

Cole Swensen and David St. John are the editors of American Hybrid: A Norton Anthology of New Poetry. Their goal in this anthology has been to articulate the dramatic changes in American poetry over the past twenty years. So how to describe those dramatic changes? Put simply, American poetry is no longer dominated by the “two camp” model; instead, today’s poets are working in hybrid modes that inherit from both the experimental and the conventional. The result is energetic, challenging, and entirely committed to the human project of enriching life and our ways of understanding it.

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Part I: An Interview with Jill Bialosky

By The Editors on 4.13.09

W. W. Norton Vice President and Executive Editor Jill Bialosky is both a distinguished editor and widely admired poet. The Editors of Poems Out Loud felt that Bialosky’s two passions, editing and writing, merited a two-part interview. In this segment, Bialosky talks about her life as an editor. Next week, we’ll post Part II, our conversation with her about her latest volume of poems, Intruder.

Poems Out Loud: How did W. W. Norton end up among the leading publishers of American Poetry?

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B. H. Fairchild on Usher, Beauty, and Craft

By The Editors on 4.07.09

B. H. Fairchild’s new poetry collection, Usher, will be published on May 4th. We invited Fairchild to talk with us about his forthcoming work as well as his poetic craft.

Poems Out Loud: In Usher you’ve created “a verbal cinema of America.” Part of that project, you’ve said, has involved locating theology within cinema, politics within agriculture, and poetry within philosophy. Could you discuss how your aesthetic here developed? Did you always envision Usher taking the form of a verbal cinema?

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