For Fans of the Brontes, Emily Blunt, and G. M. Hopkins

By The Editors on 12.19.09

“Avatar” notwithstanding, this weekend is an important one for Anglophiles everywhere.  Yesterday was the American opening of “The Young Victoria,” a film based on the accession to the throne and early reign of Queen Victoria of England.  These film goers may not be donning plastic glasses or “ooing” at 3D effects, but with a roster of producers including Martin Scorsese and Sarah, Duchess of York, expectations for “The Young Victoria” are high.  The film has received some backlash for taking liberties with historical facts (Victoria was left-handed, not right, and Prince Albert was never grazed by a bullet in an assassination attempt on Victoria’s life).  Nonetheless, we here at Poems Out Loud are eager to see the film.  Look for us in line, we’ll be reading In Memoriam.

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