Common Terms and Phrases

according to e. e. cummings

By The Editors on 5.07.10

If you’re not familiar with the “common terms and phrases” feature on Google Books, then you should probably get familiar because it’s pretty great.  It lists the words and word groups that appear most frequently in any full text available on Google Books. In novels, this list is often overrun by character names.  But in E. E. Cumming’s Erotic Poems, things are a bit more interesting. For your Friday afternoon pleasure, please enjoy the Top Ten Most Unexpected Common Terms and Phrases in E. E. Cumming’s Erotic Poems:

1. breasts of bestial
2. chuckles of supreme
3. girl’s tall
4. gorgeous bullet
5. ivory garden
6. jiggled
7. loam
8. pants
9. supreme sex
10. worms rushing

From the Erotic Poems entry on Google Books

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