Video: Sandra Beasley Talks About the Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award

By The Editors on 10.20.10

In a promotional video created by Poets and Writers Magazine, Sandra Beasley shares her inspiring story of going from working a day job and trying to write on the side to being a full-time writer in two years. I’ve witnessed first-hand how much hard work Sandra has put in to getting her still young writing career off the ground, but she gives a lot of credit to the Maureen Egen Writers Exchange Award given annually by Poets and Writers, an award that introduces emerging writers to the New York City literary community. Beasley says:

“I was kind of beaten. I wanted to be excited but at the same time I was thinking, ‘Maybe I’m in over my head.’ And I had just gotten off the road, I had curled up in bed. I didn’t want to talk to my mom. I didn’t want to tell anybody how the reading had gone. And the phone rang. And I thought, ‘I’m going to ignore this.’ And the phone rang again. And I thought, ‘no, I’ll answer.’ And it was the call telling me that I had won the [Maureen Egen Writers] Exchange Award.”

For more information on the award, click here.

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Jessie Carty said on 10.26.10 at 8:28am:

Great hearing Sandra talk about the award smile It is amazing how much your life can be changed by the simplest of grants and/or recognitions. Congrats Sandra!