Art Above Money

By The Editors on 11.22.10

This weekend Lan Samantha Chang was interviewed by Scott Simon on NPR’s Weekend Edition. They talked about her latest novel, All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost. Simon was not pulling any punches and trying to find out what facts, if any, were hidden under the fiction. Chang wouldn’t divulge any secrets, if there were any to divulge, but this comment about why poets make for interesting fiction caught our attention:

Simon: Of course you’re writing about three poets here. Are poets a special case above and beyond?

Chang: I feel that poets are particularly interesting. I wrote the book about poets because it seems to me that poets go into their art knowing that they will never be able to make a living at it. I don’t know a single poet who sits down to write a poem and thinks maybe someday this poem will be optioned by James Franco for his next film.

I think that poets, because they think about their art above money, in so many cases are dramatically more interesting to write about than fiction writers.

Listen to the full interview on NPR.

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