Lawrence Raab reads

Two Riddles

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All My Life’s a Struggle with Water and Wind

All my life’s a struggle with water and wind.
two against one must be my story—
as I make my way into the earth
under the waves. There’s no country
I can call my own. But I’ve learned 
to grow strong by being still. I know
if I fail I’ll be broken, and all
that’s part of me will be torn from me.
Let me find my place 
among the stones, and be held.

All That Adorns Me Keeps Me

All that adorns me keeps me
silent as I step among the grasses
or trouble the water. Sometimes
I’m lifted by the high winds far above 
your houses, and when the sweep
of clouds carries me away you may think 
you can hear my song—how clear
and strange it is—the voice of abeing
traveling alone and far from sleep—
a spirit, a ghost, no one like yourself.

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