Molly Peacock reads

I Watched a Wonder, a Bright Marauder

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I watched a wonder,      a bright marauder,
bearing its booth      between its horns.
An etched ship of air,      a silver sky-sliver,
it lugged a month’s loot      from its rain on time
to build a great bower      from all it brough back
—if only it might      make plunder into art.

Climbing the sky-cliffs      rose another wonder
its dazzle known      to all dwillers on earth.
It seized with spoils      and drove the silver creature
with all its wrecked wishes      off to the west
(hurling back insults      as it hurried home).

Dust rose to heaven.      Dew fell on earth.
Night went forth.      Nothing afterward then.
No man knew how      to map its path.

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