Paul Muldoon reads

Wulf and Eadwacer

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My tribe would welcome him with open arms
were he to show up with a war party or otherwise pose a threat.
How differently it goes for us…
Wulf on one island and myself on another,
an island made safe by the swamp thrown up about it,
an island full of hard men
who would welcome him with open arms… 
How very differently it goes for us… 
It was after my far-flung Wulf I was sighing
as the rain came down and my tears flowed
when a hard man took me under his wing
and I was filled with glee and gloom in equal measure… 
Wulf—Wulf—it was my hunger for you
and your all-too-seldom visits
rather than any lack of food made me ill.
Be mindful, Eadwacer, be mindful of our cub
carried off by a Wulf into the woods,
of how soon may be cut short what’s scarely been composed—
the song of us two together.

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