Marcia Karp reads

I Saw, at Foreplaying, Two Wondrous Ones

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I saw, at foreplaying, two wondrous ones,
          at large, laid out for the looking.

The fairheaded fair will (under her whatnot) grow great
          if the work of their playing went well.

Now, by rounding my fresh-from-my-forge runic staves
          into the halls of your hearing

          (you wits of words and their works),
may I be sounding the names of these two to your knowing.

      Take from the CORN only its first crunch of sound.
      Take it twice. Take it thrice. 

      Quit sitting. Quick. Pick INCUBATE’S gift.

      One mate is complete with what AUSPICE can offer.

      With a CHIRP, the match (the set of the game) is dispatched.

Has anyone caught from my staves the key
          and been able to bear it
                  to the guardings on the gates of the hoard
                           and open the fastness of if flimsy hoarding
                  then run through the ruin
          and bedevil the bonds round the heart of my riddle
which never before has lain bare?

          Now, we-at-our-wine can name
the foul-minded company we keep.

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