Saskia Hamilton reads

It is Written in Scriptures

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It is written in scriptures that this
creature appears plainly to us
when the hour calls,
while its singular power compels
and confounds our knowing. 
It seeks us out, one by one,
following its own way; fares on,
with its stranger’s step, never
to no place; moves according
to its nature. It has no hands,
no feet, has never touched the ground,
no mouth to speak of,
nor mind. Scriptures say 
it is the least of anything made.
It has no soul, no life, but travels
widely among us in this world;
no blood nor bone, but
consoles all the children of men.
It hasn’t reached heaven,
it won’t touch hell, 
but takes instruction from
the king of glory. The whole story 
of its fate—limbless as it is,
animate—is too obscure to tell.
And yet all the words we find
to describe it are just and true.
If you can say it call it.
but its rightful name.